The institutional repository Docusalut is an archive for digital documents, where the research results of the professionals in the public health system of the Balearic Islands, and other digital documents generated by the organization, are collected, organized, preserved, and disseminated in open access.


The objectives of Docusalut are:

  • To collect, manage, preserve and give visibility to the knowledge generated by the organization's professionals as a result of their caring, research, teaching, and health management activities.
  • To promote open science, visibility, accessibility, and reuse of research results.
  • To increase the visibility of the organization's scientific production, both nationally and internationally.
  • To increase the impact of the research carried out by the organization's researchers.
  • To ensure compliance with existing legislation and recommendations at the national and international level, guaranteeing that the results of research funded with public resources are permanently and freely accessible.

Communities and document collections

The content of Docusalut is structured into communities and document collections. The communities match with the entities linked to the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Balearic Islands:

  • 061 Emergency Medical Service - SAMU061
  • Balearic Islands Blood and Tissue Bank Foundation - FBSTIB
  • Balearic Islands Health Research Institute - IDISBA
  • Balearic Islands Health Service - IBSALUT
  • Ibiza and Formentera Health Area
  • Inca Comarcal Hospital - HCI
  • Majorca Primary Care - APMALL
  • Manacor Hospital - HMANAC
  • Menorca Health Area - ASME
  • Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Balearic Islands - CSC
  • Son Espases University Hospital - HUSE
  • Son Llatzer University Hospital - HUSLL

Records may be part of one or more communities and, depending on the content, are classified into the following colecciones:

  • Scientific communication
  • Research data
  • Dissemination
  • Teaching
  • Clinical practice
  • Institutional publications

Document typology

Docusalut includes all kinds of digital records: articles, reviews, books, book chapters, conference contributions, protocols, clinical practice guidelines, images, videos, reports, technical documentation, working papers, teaching materials, outreach materials, research data, etc.

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